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All suffering originates from craving, from attachment, from desire.

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Oh fuck I can’t live in this way anymore. Everytime I talk with her I’m always so fucking ready to say her “I love you” but then there’s always the friend zone who kicks me in the ass.
And I don’t even know why I’m writing all that here. Probably I’m going mad.

"and I’m all mixed up feeling cornered and rushed, they say it’s my fault but I want her so much.."



This was an accident
Not the kind where sirens sound
Never even noticed
We’re suddenly crumbling

Tell me how you’ve never felt
Delicate or innocent
Do you still have doubts that
Us having faith makes any sense

Tell me nothing ever counts
Lashing out or breaking down
Still somebody…

Oh my god tonight I’m all like “goooodddd I need a girlfriend” while I’m rolling on the floor of my room. All this just because I love my bestfriend. What an error.

That everything you do, is super fucking cute and I can’t stand it

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Soccer is an art form, the way our body moves, the way we can push past the pain, the way our muscles form, the feeling when our lungs expand, our dreams, our goals, our strength, our dedication. Soccer gave me a the strength, the courage to dream… cause with only a minute left; we can achieve anything

Magari lei non era affatto la donna della tua vita…”
“Sì che lo era.”
“Perché era matta, era tutta sbagliata. Era vera, se capisce
quello che voglio dire. Era una strada piena di curve assurde,
che correva in aperta campagna, senza preoccuparsi mai di
tornare. Senza nemmeno sapere bene dove stava andando.
Era una di quelle strade su cui ci si ammazza.

A. Baricco
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Favourite Charmed Episodes: The Fifth Halliwell 4x16 [27/?]